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Online AP Physics Tutor

Updated: 7 days ago

Rajat Sir, your Online AP Physics Tutor:

In today's competitive academic world, securing an edge is essential. If you're seeking guidance in AP Physics, Rajat Sir's AP Physics learning platform is your golden ticket to academic excellence. With the myriad of online tutoring platforms out there, what sets Rajat Sir apart? Let's dive in.

A Brief on AP Physics Courses:

The College Board offers diverse AP Physics courses tailored to students' academic needs:

  • AP Physics 1: An algebra-based course delving deep into topics like Newtonian mechanics, rotational motion, sound, and waves.

  • AP Physics 2: Continuation of AP Physics 1, it delves into electricity, magnetism, optics, and quantum physics, among others.

  • AP Physics C: Divided into Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism, this calculus-based course is rigorous and detailed.

Each course's syllabus is meticulously designed, and the exam patterns are rigorous, challenging students to understand the subject's breadth and depth.

Why Choose Rajat Sir as your Online AP Physics Tutor?

Rajat isn't just an online AP Physics tutor; he's a math maestro with over six years under his belt, helping countless students secure spots in Ivy League institutions. His teaching approach is personalized, ensuring that every student grasps the subject's fundamentals. From fostering a robust foundation and inculcating curiosity for math to honing problem-solving skills using intuition, past paper problems, and mock exams, Rajat covers it all.

His in-depth understanding of the AP Physics pattern makes him a cherished ally in your journey to ace the AP Physics exams. Offering 1:1 tutoring sessions, Rajat ensures you receive undivided attention. His comprehensive AP Physics materials mean you don't have to wander elsewhere. Every piece of information, every resource, is available to you, tailored perfectly for your specific exam.

Courses typically span 6-8 months. Over this duration, Rajat's students have consistently showcased improvements of up to two scales, bringing their scores to the 80%+ bracket. This positions them as top contenders to secure the elusive perfect 5 in their AP Physics exams.

Rajat's resources are unmatched. Students gain access to premier AP Physics tools, from the interactive lessons of Khan Academy, engaging videos of Flipping Physics, to the well-structured guidance from Barron and McGraw Hill books. Moreover, technological support in the form of Casio and TI GDC, as well as Desmos, ensures students are well-equipped to tackle any challenge.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Hundreds of Rajat's students have scored a perfect 5 in their AP Physics exams, with countless others leveraging their commendable AP scores to earn college credits in their dream US universities.

Rajat's Unique Methodology:

Every great online AP Physics tutor has a teaching style, and Rajat's is truly unique. He believes in the individuality of each student, recognizing strengths and addressing weaknesses. Every mock test, every doubt-clearing session is a step towards creating an intuitive understanding of Physics. The result? Students aren't just prepared for an exam; they're prepared for a lifetime of curiosity and learning.


In a sea of online tutors, Rajat Sir stands out as the beacon for AP Physics enthusiasts. His expertise, dedication, and personalized teaching approach make him the go-to online AP Physics tutor. With Rajat Sir by your side, AP Physics isn't just a subject; it's a journey towards excellence.

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