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Rajat Sir, The Leading A level Tutor in India

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Navigating through the nuanced and layered world of A-Level Mathematics can be a formidable challenge. The rigorous curriculum and its intense depth require a seasoned guide who not only comprehends the subject matter deeply but also understands how to unravel its complexities for students. That's where Rajat Sir, an esteemed online A-levels tutor, strides in with unwavering confidence and a track record that speaks volumes about his adept capabilities.

A level tutor in India

A level Tutor

Rajat Sir is a highly skilled A level tutor in India at Thriving Scholars, specializing in A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. His tutoring services are tailored for students aiming for excellence in essential mathematical principles and advanced topics such as mechanics, statistics, and discrete mathematics. Ideal for high-ability students, including those targeting competitive exams like STEP, TMUA, and MAT, Rajat Sir’s guidance is crucial for those aspiring to Oxbridge admissions. With his deep expertise and strategic approach, he ensures that students not only achieve high grades but also gain a profound understanding of complex mathematical concepts.

A-level mathematics exam papers for different examination boards:

AQA Exam Board:

  • Paper 1 covers Pure Mathematics.

  • Paper 2 includes the content from Paper 1 along with Mechanics.

  • Paper 3 includes the content from Paper 1 along with Statistics.

Edexcel Exam Board:

  • Paper 1 is focused on Pure Mathematics 1.

  • Paper 2 is centered on Pure Mathematics 2.

  • Paper 3 combines topics in Statistics and Mechanics.

OCR Exam Board:

  • Paper 1 covers Pure Mathematics.

  • Paper 2 combines Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Paper 3 combines Pure Mathematics and Mechanics.

Solidifying Foundations with Rajat Sir: A level tutor in India

Embarking on the educational journey of A-Level Mathematics demands a robust foundation and an inherent curiosity for math, particularly for those aiming to tread on paths leading to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities. Rajat Sir, not just an A-level tutor in India but a beacon of knowledge for students globally, brings to the table over five years of experience. His dedicated teaching and consistent results have carved out pathways of success for dozens of students, making them find their place in prestigious institutions year after year.

The methodology employed by Rajat Sir transcends mere formulae and algorithms. His expertise lies in problem-solving using intuition, facilitating students to build a strong conceptual understanding and curiosity for math. As an online A-levels tutor with an acute understanding of the AQA Maths syllabus, he doesn’t only impart knowledge but also kindles a love for the subject, ensuring students do not merely memorize but understand, analyze, and apply mathematical concepts with precision and clarity.

Unveiling the Secrets of A-Level Maths: How to Study Effectively

While many perceive A-level maths as a monumental challenge, with the right guidance on A-level maths how to study becomes a more navigable question. Rajat Sir’s approach involves immersive learning, wherein students delve deep into core mathematics, further mathematics, pure mathematics, and a myriad of specialized subjects including mechanics, statistics, and discrete mathematics, amongst others. He also provides tailored AQA Maths tuitions, focusing on enabling students to tackle both compulsory and optional modules with equal finesse.

Through well-structured A-Level Maths affordable tuitions, students gain insights into working with mathematical information, thinking logically and independently, considering accuracy, and reflecting on findings, which proves invaluable not only in acing their exams but in applying this knowledge across various disciplines.

A level tutor in India

Here are seven key tips on how to study A-level Maths effectively:

  1. Stay Organized: Staying organized in your A-level Maths journey, especially in Rajat sir's A-level math classes, is the first step towards success. Create a timetable that aligns with Rajat sir's expert guidance. This visual schedule helps you keep track of topics covered during his A-level Maths group classes. Completing all assigned questions, as recommended by Rajat sir, ensures comprehensive coverage of the subject, including those challenging, A* level questions.

  2. Identify Weaknesses with Rajat Sir's Help: With Rajat sir's support, identifying your weaknesses in A-level Maths becomes easier. Leverage his expertise to pinpoint areas of struggle and receive tailored guidance. Spend extra time on these topics and practice more questions, boosting your confidence.

  3. Utilize A-level Maths Resources, Recommended by Rajat Sir: Rajat sir often recommends A-level Maths textbooks that serve as excellent starting points. However, if you find any concept unclear, don't worry. Rajat sir's A-level Math Group classes can be complemented with online resources, such as YouTube, for detailed explanations. Platforms like Exam Solutions provide insights into exam papers, while Physicsandmathstutor offers a bank of past papers for practice, all in line with Rajat sir's teaching approach.

  4. Understand the Reasoning: In Rajat sir's A-level Math classes, understanding the 'why' behind mathematical techniques is paramount. Don't just memorize; grasp the rationale. Difficult questions aim to challenge those who rely solely on memorization. Ask questions until you're satisfied with your understanding. This approach, advocated by Rajat sir, equips you to tackle complex exam questions confidently.

  5. Practice Past Papers across Exam Boards: Mathematics remains consistent across exam boards. Rajat sir encourages you to practice questions from various exam boards, aligning with his comprehensive teaching approach. This exposes you to diverse question styles, improving your ability to apply concepts. You can also practice questions from older A-levels, aligning with Rajat sir's curriculum.

  6. Hone Exam Techniques with Rajat Sir: In Rajat sir's A-level Math classes, you'll be prepared to handle A* level questions effectively. Rajat sir's guidance ensures you have ample time for challenging questions. Efficient time management is key. Learn to recognize when to move on from a challenging question, following Rajat sir's advice. Avoid circling in endless repetitions, and instead maximize your efforts on more solvable questions. Rajat sir's approach ensures you can tackle more questions, securing the highest possible marks for your A* grade.

List of subjects in A Level Mathematics:

Core Mathematics:

  • Encompasses fundamental areas like algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry.

Further Mathematics:

  • Expands upon Core Mathematics by including additional topics like complex numbers, matrices, differential equations, and numerical methods.

Pure Mathematics:

  • Delves into advanced concepts within algebra, calculus, and mathematical proofs.

Applied Mathematics:

  • Concentrates on the practical utilization of mathematical principles to solve real-world problems across diverse fields.


  • Centers on the examination of motion, forces, and vectors, particularly relevant for those interested in physics or engineering.


  • Involves the processes of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data, encompassing subjects such as probability, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and sampling.

Discrete Mathematics:

  • Addresses mathematical structures that are distinct and separate, including areas such as combinatorics, graph theory, and algorithms.

Decision Mathematics:

  • Applies mathematical methodologies to resolve real-world issues linked to optimization, networks, and decision-making.

Financial Mathematics:

  • Applies mathematical concepts to scrutinize financial markets, investments, and risk management.

A level tutor in India

The Power of Collaboration: A-Level Maths Group Classes

Integrating A-level Maths group classes into the learning journey introduces a multifaceted array of benefits. Rajat Sir staunchly believes in the transformative power of collaborative learning. It's not merely about solving problems together but about immersing in a pool of diverse perspectives, methodologies, and insightful discussions that invariably enhance the understanding of mathematical concepts.

In these meticulously structured A-level Maths group classes, students are welcomed into a supportive environment where peer learning takes center stage. Engaging in discussions, explaining concepts to one another, and getting immediate feedback not only solidifies their understanding but also cultivates essential soft skills like communication and teamwork.

Group classes serve as a conducive platform where students from various geographical locations, including the UK and the EU, share their unique insights, thereby enriching the collective learning experience. This is particularly significant considering Rajat Sir’s extensive student base, which spans over a hundred students in the UK and over 200 in the EU.

Ensuring Success with Comprehensive Support

Rajat Sir’s role as an online A-levels tutor extends beyond scheduled classes. His teaching philosophy envelops around providing end-to-end support to students, from clarifying doubts at any given time to offering additional resources for enhanced learning. This pivotal role, especially in the context of A-Level Mathematics, is what shapes the learning journey, from building a robust foundation to securing a place in some of the world’s most esteemed universities.

In the globalized world, where geographical boundaries become blurry in the realm of online education, Rajat Sir has solidified his position as a pivotal A-level tutor in India, reaching students across the UK, the EU, and beyond, ensuring that quality education is accessible, affordable, and devoid of geographical constraints.

In essence, with Rajat Sir’s dedicated A-Level Maths affordable tuitions, students are not only navigating through the intricacies of A-level mathematics but are also embarking on a journey where curiosity is kindled, knowledge is imbibed, and success is inevitably attained.

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