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  • IB Maths and Physics tutor with over 5 years of experience.

  • Successful track record of generating perfect 7 scorers and "Ivy League".

  • Customizing lessons to meet personalized needs.

  • Breaking down complex concepts to simple manageable pieces.

  • Strong emphasis on problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies.

AMC Math Online Classes for class 8 to 12

IB Maths AA & AI:

IB offers two rigorous math courses, Analysis and Approaches (AA) and Applications and Interpretation (AI). The AA course focuses on pure and applied mathematics, ideal for those interested in engineering or computer science, emphasizing analytical thinking. The AI course is tailored for students keen on applying mathematics to understand real-world issues, making it suitable for futures in natural or data sciences. Offered as a two-year program with finals every May, these courses cover algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. 

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Affordable online tutoring

Complete IB Math mastery

Strategies for a guranteed 7

IB Physics:

Considered to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding courses, IB Physics equips students with critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills. While SL caters to students with a general interest in physics, HL is aimed at those with a strong interest, offering additional complex topics and a rigorous assessment structure. The coursework spans a broad spectrum of topics from mechanics, Einstein's relativity, thermodynamics to modern physics and astrophysics, fostering a deep comprehension of the universe's fundamental principles.

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hd pics templates pitch posters ad naresh website2.jpg
hd pics templates pitch posters ad naresh website2.jpg

1:1 and group online support

Intutively solve IB Physics Qs

Tailored plan for a perfect 7

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IB Math

Math in Rhyme, Beat the Time, Score a Perfect 7, Make it Shine!...


Best IB Math Online Tutor:

Look for the best IB Math online tutor, such as Rajat Sir, renowned for his mastery over IB Math AA and IB Math AI. A tutor who offers a personalized learning experience, adapting lessons to fit each student’s pace, is key. This approach ensures you're well-prepared, with support from meticulously crafted IB Math study notes pdf and interactive IB Math HL online classes.


Online group sessions for IB Math:

Enroll in IB Math online classes to dive deep into calculus concepts, with options for both personalized 1:1 sessions and interactive group classes. Led by a top-tier IB Math tutor Rajat Sir, his sessions are well complemented by study notes, GDC tips and shortcuts. Master the five core topics of IB Math: Number and Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus, with unparalleled confidence with Rajat Sir. Employing the best study materials, as recommended by Rajat Sir, will further solidify your grasp of the syllabus.


IB Math Study Notes PDF:

Elevate your understanding with comprehensive IB Mathematics study notes. These PDF resources, combined with structured online classes, cover key formulas, theories, and problem-solving strategies, facilitating a deeper grasp of calculus concepts under experienced guidance. Get access to the best resources IB Prep resources like Revision Village and SaveMyExams.


How to get a 7?

Securing a top score of 7 in IB Math is achievable with a dedicated approach, and while tutoring is not essential, it significantly bridges the gap to a 7.  Rajat Sir, can expertly guide you in developing a tailored study plan. This plan should encompass tailored online classes, invaluable study notes for a deeper understanding of complex topics, and a disciplined review schedule. Incorporating regular practice with past papers is crucial for acclimatizing to the exam format and honing your problem-solving skills.

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IB Physics

IB Physics: Aim high, strive, thrive for seven!...


IB Physics experienced tutor:

An experienced IB Physics online tutor is crucial for mastering the subject. Rajat Sir, renowned for his expertise and passion for Physics, can guide you through complex concepts and problems. Utilizing digital tools and resources, an experienced IB Physics online tutor tailors lessons to fit your learning style, ensuring you grasp the fundamental and advanced topics of IB Physics. Regular interactions with a tutor who has a proven track record can dramatically increase your understanding and performance in IB Physics exams.


IB Physics Zoom group classes:

Harness the latest tech for a dynamic, Zoom-enabled IB learning experience. 'Engage, ask, conquer,' Zoom-enabled simulations bring abstract concepts to life, from quantum mechanics to classical physics, offering a visual and interactive way to grasp challenging topics like never before. Embrace this dynamic approach to IB Physics online Zoom classes for a comprehensive and effective learning experience.


IB Physics Study Notes PDF:

IB Physics study notes PDFs are invaluable resources for students aiming for a high score. These comprehensive materials, carefully prepared by experts like Rajat Sir, cover key concepts, formulas, and problem-solving strategies. To make the most of IB Physics study notes PDF, make your study space a command center for success: Stick these notes on your desk! and tackle  multiple-choice questions (MCQs) Paper 1 and free response questions (FRQs) Paper 2 effectively with the best IB Physics experienced tutor.


How to get a 7?

Attaining a 7 in IB Physics is within reach with a focused strategy, and although tutoring isn't mandatory, it greatly amplifies your study efficiency. Rajat Sir's expert assistance can significantly boost your preparation and help you craft a customized study plan. Incorporating consistent practice with past exam papers is vital to become familiar with the test format and enhance problem solving skills. 

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What you get:

  • In-depth sessions covering essential theories, principles and problem solving

  • Advanced visual aids for complex concept clarification

  • Structured on-screen problem-solving exercises with feedback

  • Comprehensive revision tools, including flashcards and GDC 

  • Authentic exam-style questions with detailed analysis and shortcuts

  • Consistent enhancements for disciplined, high-achieving preparation

Embark on a path of disciplined practice and academic rigor, confidently aiming for a score of 7."

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Best IB Physics Tutor
Best IB Tutors Online for Maths and Physics
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IB MathsTtutor Online

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