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  • SAT group and 1:1 tutions with credbile results.

  • Successful track record of generating 1560+ scorers and "Ivy League".

  • Customizing lessons to meet personalized needs.

  • Breaking down complex concepts to simple manageable pieces.

  • Strong emphasis on problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies.

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What you get

  • Complete end-to-end support for the DIGITAL SAT and the US pen-paper test

  • 1:1 support & group classes upto 5 students

  • Classes with visual explanations & examples.

  • Onscreen practice questions with feedback.

  • Revision flashcards and GDC support.

  • Original exam-style questions and hundreds of  past paper practice questions.

  • Regular SAT updates.

Basically all you need to inch towards Ivy League!
Join hundreds of SAT students worldwide to take your learning to the 1560 level.

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with Rajat Sir

Rajat is an expert tutor who is inside-out passionate about math. He has an undergraduate degree in pure mathematics with a distinction. He is popular among his students for his math shortcuts and time hacks that pin down the hardest of SAT Math QAs.



with Biloza Mam

Biloza mam is a true english guru who has mentored over thousands of students for the SAT English section. Her career spans over two decades and her students are spread across the globe. Her group sessions are extremely popular among students who find her to be a true wordsmith, effortlessly unraveling the intricacies of language.

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...a few reasons to try a demo session

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