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Online support for international competitive Math-Physics exams:

  1. International Baccalaureate (IB)

  2. Advanced Placement (APs)

  3. A Levels (OCR/AQA/Edexcel/CIE)

  4. Maths Olympiads
    (AMC 8, 10, 12, IMO, Sumac)

  5. Physics Olympiads
    (F=ma, USAPhO, IPhO, GRE Physics)

  6. TMUA and MAT (Oxbridge)


What We Do

Rajat, deeply passionate about physics and mathematics, founded Thriving Scholars in 2017 to focus on international competitive exams. Our tailored courses align with board frameworks and Science Practices, boasting a strong record of student achievements, including perfect 1600s in SATs, plethora 5s in APs, consistent 7s in IB and several distincitions in AMCs.


To accommodate our growing student base, Rajat sir collaborates with a team of expert tutors knowledgeable in their specific fields and curricula. Together, they ensure that our diverse student body, spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, not only excels academically but also secures placements in prestigious institutions like the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

What sets us apart?


With over seven years of experience and a stellar academic record, Rajat sir is an IB Math-Physics guru. His passion for physics propels him to continually expand his knowledge by immersing himself in advanced texts, enriching every session with unmatched depth and breadth, making him highly sought after by IB students.


Known for his unique approach, Rajat sir simplifies challenging calculus topics with ease, often making them click in a single session. More than mere tutoring, each session is a performance where he transforms his Zoom whiteboard into a canvas, illustrating problems with the finesse of Bob Ross, making learning visually captivating!

anytime, anywhere

Maximize your learning with sessions accessible anytime via Zoom. Our flexible scheduling and student-first approach ensure missed sessions are easily accommodated, keeping your progress on track. The sessions offer real-time support, rivaling in-person tutoring and providing end-to-end personalized mentorship.

dancing face du ta du du

About Rajat

Rajat has been guiding students through the intricacies of Physics and Math since 2017. As a top-performing student and mentor to hundreds, he has crafted a unique teaching approach that demystifies the toughest Physics and Math exams.

His Master’s in International Management, building on his undergraduate studies, enhances his ability to connect with a diverse, global student base.

Reflecting on his formative years, Rajat's passion for mathematics ignited during high school. Facing limited quality online tutoring, he proactively mastered concepts using comprehensive study materials and question banks. His efforts were paired with peer tutoring during lunch breaks, where he effectively clarified complex topics, often outperforming classroom instruction. His personal academic challenges deepened his empathy and enhanced his tutoring effectiveness.

His dedication not only led him to top his class by the end of year 12 but also ignited a lifelong passion for teaching, rooted in empathy and a commitment to deep understanding. Rajat's preparation for the CAT 2017 (98th percentile) marked the most focused period of his academic life, significantly broadening his perspective.

Rajat's passion for physics was profoundly influenced by engaging works such as the Feynman Lectures and "Until the End of Time" by his favorite physicist, Brian Greene. On weekends, he immerses himself in the world of sci-fi, often binge-watching favorites like "Interstellar" and "Oppenheimer." These films resonate with his fascination for exploring complex scientific concepts through compelling narratives. He finds a similar thrill in Brian Greene's Special Relativity course, his go-to resource that not only deepens his understanding of physics but also inspires him profoundly. In his free time, Rajat avidly expands his knowledge through extensive reading, driven by a conviction that exploring physics and mathematics is a pursuit truly worth undertaking.

Outside the classroom, Rajat’s deep appreciation for science is quietly reflected in his use of a Celestron AstroMaster telescope to admire the rings of Saturn from his backyard in Delhi. He always keeps a pocket microscope with him to explore anything that piques his curiosity. Rajat also enjoys sharing his passion for science by gifting educational toys to his nephews and nieces, sparking their interest in the wonders of the natural world.

When not teaching or studying, Rajat can often be found playing chess. In 2011, he earned the title of International FIDE Rated Chess Player with a standard ELO of 1591. He enjoys solving brain teasers and occasionally engages in intense chess matches with his students.

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