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  • AP Calculus tutor and AP Physics tutor with over 5 years of experience.

  • Successful track record of generating perfect 5 scorers and "Ivy League".

  • Customizing lessons to meet personalized needs.

  • End-to-end support with all resources: best books, worksheets, homework, GDC, and mock exams.

  • Strong emphasis on solving past-papers and test-taking strategies.

IB tutor in India
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Free Sample Notes & Past Papers
by Rajat sir:

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AP Physics: 

Complete Notes

AP Calculus:

Complete Notes

AP Calculus AB & BC:

AP Calculus, offered every May by the College Board, is pivotal for international students seeking college credits in the US. The course, available in AB and BC levels, covers topics from differential and integral calculus to sequences and series. Rajat Sir’s tutoring ensures students excel in these exams, paving the way for advanced university placements.

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hd pics templates pitch posters ad naresh website.jpg
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Affordable online tutoring

Complete Calculus mastery

Strategies for a guranteed 5

AP Physics 1 and C:

AP Physics, offered each May, is designed for high school students aiming for college credit. AP Physics 1 covers basics and problem-solving in mechanics and waves, while AP Physics C, integrating calculus, delves into mechanics and electricity. Rajat Sir’s tutoring expertly prepares students for these exams, setting the stage for their academic pursuits.

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hd pics templates pitch posters ad naresh website2.jpg
hd pics templates pitch posters ad naresh website2.jpg

1:1 and group online support

Intutively solve AP Physics Qs

Tailored plan for a perfect 5

Calculus AB and BC thriving scholars
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Calculus AB and BC 1 thriving scholars

AP Calculus

Math in Rhyme, Beat the Time, Score a Perfect 5, Make it Shine!...


Best AP Calculus Online Tutor:

Look for the best AP Calculus online tutor, such as Rajat Sir, renowned for his mastery over AP Calculus AB and BC. A tutor who offers a personalized learning experience, adapting lessons to fit each student’s pace, is key. This approach ensures you're well-prepared, with support from meticulously crafted AP Calculus study notes pdf and interactive AP Calculus BC online classes.


Online session for AP Calculus BC:

Enroll in AP Calculus BC online classes to dive deep into calculus concepts. Led by a top-tier AP Calculus online tutor like Rajat Sir, these classes offer interactive and personalized learning experiences. The curriculum is complemented by essential study notes, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.


AP Calculus Study Notes PDF:

Elevate your understanding with comprehensive AP Calculus study notes. These PDF resources, combined with structured online classes, cover key formulas, theories, and problem-solving strategies, facilitating a deeper grasp of calculus concepts under experienced guidance.


How to get a 5?

With the best AP Calculus support, you can gain access to tailored online classes and invaluable study notes, crucial for mastering the syllabus's intricacies. Start with a clear prep plan that includes regular review sessions, practice with past papers, and best study materials. Rajat Sir's method ensures you're primed for a top score.

Online AP Physics Tutor thriving scholars
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AP Physics

AP Physics Dive, Aim for 5, Thrive and Strive!...


AP Physics experienced tutor:

An experienced AP Physics online tutor is crucial for mastering the subject. Rajat Sir, renowned for his expertise and passion for Physics, can guide you through complex concepts and problems. Utilizing digital tools and resources, an experienced AP Physics online tutor tailors lessons to fit your learning style, ensuring you grasp the fundamental and advanced topics of AP Physics 1 and C. Regular interactions with a tutor who has a proven track record can dramatically increase your understanding and performance in AP Physics exams.


AP Physics C Zoom group classes:

Harness the latest tech for a dynamic, Zoom-enabled learning experience. 'Engage, ask, conquer,' Rajat Sir often advises, emphasizing the importance of interactive learning and immediate feedback for mastering concepts and acing the exam. These sessions are your pathway to mastering AP Physics study notes PDF, achieving a 5, and excelling in AP Physics with experienced guidance.


AP Physics Study Notes PDF:

AP Physics study notes PDFs are invaluable resources for students aiming for a high score. These comprehensive materials, carefully prepared by experts like Rajat Sir, cover key concepts, formulas, and problem-solving strategies. To make the most of AP Physics study notes PDF, make your study space a command center for success: Stick these notes on your desk! and  tackle both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and free response questions (FRQs) effectively with the best AP Physics experienced tutor.


How to get a 5?

Begin with comprehensive study materials and AP Physics study notes PDFs. Engage in AP Physics C online classes to further deepen your knowledge of complex topics and familiarize yourself with the exam. Rajat Sir advises, "Your dedication and the right resources, like AP Physics study notes PDF and AP Physics C online classes, are your best tools for securing a 5.


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Best IB Physics Tutor
Best IB Tutors Online for Maths and Physics
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AP Calculus BC

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