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Embrace the Future of IB Physics 2025 with Rajat Sir

A New Era in IB Physics: Unraveling the New Syllabus

At Thriving Scholars, we are thrilled to guide students through the newly restructured IBDP Physics course, set for first teaching in September 2023 and first assessment in May 2025. This innovative curriculum marks a significant shift towards concept-based teaching and learning, weaving together 24 comprehensive topics under five captivating themes:

  1. Space, Time, and Motion

  2. The Particulate Nature of Matter

  3. Wave Behaviour

  4. Fields

  5. Nuclear and Quantum Physics

These themes are meticulously organized into levels, each with guiding questions to foster a deeply interconnected understanding of physics.

Standard Level (SL)

  • External Assessment: 80% (3 hours)

  • Paper 1: Multiple-choice & data-based questions (36%)

  • Paper 2: Short-answer & extended-response questions (44%)

  • Internal Assessment: 20% (Scientific investigation)

Higher Level (HL)

  • External Assessment: 80% (4 hours and 30 minutes)

  • Paper 1: Multiple-choice & data-based questions (36%)

  • Paper 2: Short-answer & extended-response questions (44%)

  • Internal Assessment: 20% (Scientific investigation)

Why Choose Rajat Sir for IB Physics Tutoring for the new curriculum 2025? With the introduction of this ambitious curriculum, it's more crucial than ever to have a guide who not only understands the material but can also make it accessible and engaging. That's where I, Rajat sir, step in:

  • Experience: Decades of experience in IB Physics, with a track record of helping students achieve a perfect 7.

  • Approach: Focused on making complex concepts easy to understand, using clear explanations and visual aids.

  • Resource-Rich: Updated notes and questions aligned with the new curriculum, including a plethora of IB-styled questions and past papers.

  • Flexible Learning: Offering both individual and group classes tailored to each student's learning style and pace.

Join the Journey to Success As the IB Physics landscape evolves, so do our teaching methods and resources at Thriving Scholars. We are fully equipped to navigate these changes, ensuring our students are not just prepared, but ahead of the curve. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Enroll in our IB Physics classes with Rajat sir and transform the way you learn physics. Visit [Thriving Scholars Website] to learn more and sign up today!

The new DP Physics course represents a significant transformation in educational approach, emphasizing a concept-based teaching and learning framework. This innovative structure is designed to deepen students' understanding of physics, encouraging them to connect ideas and themes across the discipline. For a more detailed insight into this exciting new curriculum, we encourage you to explore the official IB Physics Subject Brief. This document offers a comprehensive overview of the changes and what they mean for students embarking on their IB Physics journey.

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