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Online TMUA Tutors

Updated: May 20

Rajat Sir, A pioneer in providing Online TMUA Tutors

If you are an aspiring student seeking to secure a spot at prestigious institutions like the Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, then look no further than Rajat Sir's online tutoring platform. A pioneer in providing expert guidance for TMUA, MAT, and STEP math, Rajat Sir's personalized approach has been helping students for over five years, paving the way for success year after year.

TMUA & MAT Exams

TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission) is an assessment that examines mathematical thinking and reasoning. It's primarily used by the University of Cambridge and other leading institutions to gauge the aptitude of students in mathematics.

MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test), on the other hand, is an examination used by Oxford and other prominent universities to assess the mathematical abilities and understanding of prospective students.

Navigating these exams can be daunting, but that's where Rajat Sir comes in.

Why Choose Rajat Sir from all the Online TMUA Tutors?

With over 5 years of hands-on experience as a TMUA and MAT tutor, Rajat Sir's approach is both comprehensive and unique. He focuses on building a strong foundation in mathematics, sparking curiosity, and developing problem-solving skills using intuition, past paper problems, and mock exams.

In-depth Understanding of TMUA & MAT Pattern

Rajat's mastery of the TMUA and MAT pattern allows him to tailor the learning path precisely to ace these exams. His comprehensive TMUA and MAT materials provide everything you need in one place, offering a well-rounded learning experience.


One-on-one sessions with Rajat ensure that every lesson is crafted to your individual needs, especially for Cambridge's requirements. This tailored support makes the programme suited specifically to what you need, providing unparalleled guidance.

Access to the Best TMUA Learning Tools

Your journey with Rajat Sir's platform is not only about teaching but also access to the best TMUA learning tools that will complement your efforts.

Outstanding Results

Typical courses last for 3-5 months, with students witnessing up to two scales of jump in their scores, elevating them to an 80%+ level. Such an improvement makes them suitable candidates to qualify for the rigorous interview process.

The Rajat Sir Community

Dozens of past students have made it to Oxbridge, with hundreds in the Russell Group. This success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of Rajat's methodology.

Teaching Style and Methodology

Rajat's teaching philosophy is personalized, focusing on the student's pace, strengths, and weaknesses. His methodology is not merely about rote learning but about understanding the logic and patterns in mathematics. Rajat is not just an Online TMUA tutor; he's a mentor, guiding his students through every step of the way, providing end-to-end support.


With Rajat Sir's online tutoring platform, you needn't go anywhere else for your TMUA, MAT, and STEP math preparation. The benefits are numerous, but the most remarkable is the sense of personal connection and understanding that Rajat brings to the table. Join us today and start your journey with a tutor who knows how to make your mathematical dreams a reality. Your success story awaits, and with Rajat Sir's personalized guidance, you are sure to make it to the top. Contact us now and be part of a winning tradition!

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