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Exam season is here! and your friends might just be looking for help as much as you are. Refer a friend and get up to 100% discount on your tutoring fee. Keep reading for more:


PLAN A: Get a buddy to study with you

Get up to two friends to study with you (together in a group) for no additional fee.

Need more incentive?

- Better grades: Higher motivation, better learning retention and greater engagement with tasks are few of the proven benefits of learning with friends.

- Easy on pocket: Split the same fee among your friends and leverage more for the same.



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PLAN B: Get a buddy enrolled in

Do you prefer to continue with your current one-on-one lessons with Rajat and not sure if group sessions with your friends could work out?. Well, we'd still be happy to have your friends onboard.

For every friend who enrolls for private lessons with get 2 lessons free! :

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