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  • AP Calculus tutor and AP Physics tutor with over 5 years of experience.

  • Successful track record of generating perfect 5 scorers and "Ivy League".

  • Customizing lessons to meet personalized needs.

  • End-to-end support with all resources: best books, worksheets, homework, GDC, and mock exams.

  • Strong emphasis on solving past-papers and test-taking strategies.

IB tutor in India

What Do I Teach?

Online Ap Physics
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AP Calculus

From deciphering the instantaneous twists of curves through derivatives to unraveling the secrets of accumulation through integrals, join us to uncover the beauty of calculus!

Rajat sir, the best AP Calculus Tutor there is!

AP Physics

Classical or quantum, through solid visualizations, analytical explanations and exemplary problems, you are in for a ride. Rajat sir is not only the best AP Physics tutor, he will make you fall in love with Physics.



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Best IB Physics Tutor
Best IB Physics Tutor

Umesh Taneja, father

AP Calculus

Ap Cal Rap
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