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Free IB Physics Study Resources for 2025 - Your Ultimate Guide by Rajat Sir

Updated: Mar 22

IB Physics Free Resources for 2025 New Syllabus
IB Physics Free Resources for 2025 New Syllabus

Physics HL

Physics SL

Complete Notes HL

HL new final 23
Download PDF • 246.62MB

Complete Notes SL

Physics SL new
Download PDF • 199.78MB

Topic-wise Past Papers

Download PDF • 22.72MB

Topic-wise Past Papers

Download PDF • 9.86MB

Download PDF • 31.57MB

Download PDF • 11.10MB

Annotated Data booklet

Download PDF • 662KB

Annotated Data booklet

Download PDF • 662KB

HL Specimen Paper 2025

HL specimen paper
Download PDF • 2.26MB

SL Specimen Paper 2025

Sl specimen papers
Download PDF • 1.99MB

New IB Physics Syllabus Free Resources and Strategy: 2023-2025

Exciting News for IB Physics Students and Educators!

We're thrilled to introduce a comprehensive range of free IB Physics study resources for the newly restructured IBDP Physics course, first assessed in 2025. Curated by Rajat Sir, an experienced teacher in the field, these resources are tailored to meet the needs of both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) students.

What's New in the IB Physics Curriculum?

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is rolling out a revolutionized science curriculum, effective from September 2023, with the first assessments scheduled for May 2025. This update signifies a shift towards concept-based teaching and learning, ensuring a more interconnected and in-depth understanding of physics.

Key Features of the New Syllabus:

  • Five Core Themes: The syllabus now encompasses Space, Time and Motion; Particulate Nature of Matter; Wave Behaviour; Fields; and Nuclear and Quantum Physics.

  • Structured Learning: The syllabus is organized into five levels, covering 24 topics and subtopics, each accompanied by guiding and linking questions to foster a comprehensive grasp of the subject.

  • Enhanced Teaching Hours: The syllabus prescribes 150 teaching hours for SL and 240 for HL, with specific hours allocated to each topic.

A Glimpse into Our Resources

  1. Comprehensive Notes: Detailed notes covering all HL and SL topics, aligned with the new syllabus.

  2. Annotated Formula Sheets: Master every formula with our easy-to-understand, annotated formula sheets.

  3. Topic-Wise Past Papers: Practice with past paper questions, organized topic-wise for efficient study.

  4. Official IB Specimen Papers: Access the latest official IB Specimen Papers for an authentic learning experience.

Study Skills and Assessment Breakdown

  • Study Skills: Emphasizing Experimental Techniques, Technology, and Mathematics to nurture inquiry and application skills in physics.

  • SL and HL Assessments: Understand the structure, weighting, and types of questions you'll encounter in the new IB Physics exams.

  • Here is a brief overview of the new grading pattern:

  1. External assessment has a total weighting of 80%, divided into:

  • Paper 1 (1 hour 30 minutes): 36%

  • Multiple-choice questions

  • Data-based questions

  • Paper 2 (1 hour 30 minutes): 44%

  • Short-answer and extended-response questions

  1. Internal assessment takes approximately 10 hours and has a weighting of 20%, which includes:

  • A scientific investigation task, assessed internally and moderated externally.

Rajat Sir's Tips:

  • Adapting to Changes: Teachers should plan flexibly, focusing on the core physics concepts.

  • Skill Development: Prioritize skill development for the internal assessment.

  • Teaching Strategies: Tailor teaching order and strategies for mixed SL and HL classes.

Looking Ahead 🚀

The journey from the 2014 to the 2023 IB Physics curriculum is like upgrading from a bicycle to a spaceship - we're moving from a world with just 12 topics to explore to a whopping 24! No more picking and choosing; we're diving into all areas under five cool themes. This isn't just a new chapter; it's a whole new adventure in the world of physics.

At Thriving Scholars, with Rajat Sir at the helm, it's our mission to turn you from curious students into Physics wizards. We're all about tapping into that inner Einstein and getting hands-on with the fun stuff - because let's be real, who doesn't want to bend time with relativity or dance with the laws of motion? 🕺⏳

As we gear up for this journey, remember that Thriving Scholars is your trusty sidekick. We're decking out our toolkit with the coolest tech, the smartest strategies , and a support squad that's with you all the way to the finish line. With Rajat Sir's wisdom and a squad that's got your back, we're not just ready for this new syllabus; we're going to own it! 💪

We get it; change can be daunting - but with a sprinkle of curiosity, a dash of courage, and a whole lot of teamwork, we're going to make this physics party one for the books. So stay sharp, stay excited, and whenever in doubt, just give us a shout! 📢 Together, we're not just passing tests; we're setting new records. Let's do this!

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