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Excel in IB Studies with Expert Online Tutoring

IB Tutor Online

Experienced Maths & Physics mentor for international boards, boasting over 6 years of proven expertise. Demonstrated success in guiding students to prestigious institutions such as Ivy League, Oxbridge, and the Russell Group.


Our Specialty in IB Tutoring


Our courses are led by one dedicated faculty member, Mr. Rajat, an IBDP specialist boasting over 6 years of teaching experience in the IBDP curriculum.

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Students have direct access to Rajat Sir for personalized support, with tutoring services offered for IBDP students in Math, Business Management and Physics, at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL).

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Rajat Sir provides comprehensive support with assignment coursework such as ToK, CUEGIS, Ethics, Globalization, Integration, and Strategy, EEs, and IAs, aimed at enhancing academic performance and elevating grades.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

Maximize your learning experience by enrolling in classes and receiving real-time support through live online tutoring sessions, accessible at your convenience, no matter where you are.

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What do we Teach?


Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Combinatorics and Statistics...or maybe stuck with Fermat's theorem? you might just like his absolutely infectious enthusiasm for Maths.

AP Calculus

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for Online Tutoring

IB DP Math

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for Online Tutoring

A-Level Math

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for Online Tutoring

SAT Math

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for Online Tutoring

AP Physics

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for Online Tutoring

IB DP Physics

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for Online Tutoring

GRE Physics

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for Online Tutoring


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for Online Tutoring


Classical or quantum, school or undergrad, through solid visualizations, analytical explanations and exemplary problems, he will make you fall in love with Physics.

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About Tutor

Our success lies in our unique approach. At Thriving Scholars, quality is paramount. Led by Mr. Rajat Agrawal, an IBDP expert with over a decade of experience, our courses offer a singular faculty experience. Students have direct access to Rajat Sir, ensuring the highest quality of instruction. We prioritize direct faculty-student interaction, foregoing the need for teacher's assistance to maintain uncompromising quality standards.

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What Our Students Say

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Our Recent Blog Posts:

  • Why should I choose Thriving Scholars?
    Thriving Scholars excels with its innovative teaching, personalized tutoring, and global educational insights. Led by Rajat, who combines a profound Maths expertise with a teaching passion, we specialize in AP Physics, AP Calculus, IB Math/Physics, and SAT Maths. Our success is evidenced by the hundreds of students achieving top scores in IB and AP exams annually. Our approach goes beyond academic excellence, integrating strategic games like chess to bolster problem-solving skills.
  • Does Rajat sir tutor himself? Are there other tutors as well?
    Yes, Rajat sir is actively involved in tutoring students himself, especially in advanced topics and courses. His personal approach to teaching and mentorship is a core part of Thriving Scholars. Furthermore, to serve our expanding international student community across diverse subjects, we boast a team of experienced tutors, all alumni of prestigious institutions like the IITs and Ivy League universities. Each tutor is selected based on their expertise, teaching ability, and alignment with Rajat sir's innovative teaching methodology.
  • How do the classes happen, and on what platform?
    Our classes are conducted online, primarily via Zoom sessions, allowing for a flexible and interactive learning environment that caters to students from various geographical locations. The frequency of the sessions usually depends on the student's pace and the targeted exam, but they typically occur twice a week. This schedule ensures ample time for learning new concepts and revisiting challenging areas, all while accommodating the student's personal study routine.
  • Are these group or individual sessions?
    We provide both individual and group sessions. Individual sessions are designed for personalized attention and customized instruction, targeting each student's unique challenges and objectives. On the flip side, our group sessions not only promote student interaction but also create a collaborative learning atmosphere. While making a group, Rajat sir ensures that all the students in a group have the same bandwidth and learning pace. The fee for group sessions is slightly lower, providing a cost-effective option without compromising on quality education.
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